10. Buffalo Bills

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Final Record: 10-6

Investment Gain: 15%

Buffalo padded their profitability in 2019 by securing 4 upset victories. Their largest upset came in Week 13 against the Dallas Cowboys with a +230 Money Line. The Bills were favored to win in 8 games this year, and they capitalized on this by finishing with a 10 win season. Throughout the entire year, it seemed as if the Bills never got enough credit for their record. When you overcome the odds and outperform the critics, there is a good chance you will wind up a very profitable betting team.

9. Houston Texans

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Final Record: 10-6

Investment Gain: 18%

Much like the Bills, the Texans were able to capitalize on their games when listed as an underdog. Houston was able to win 4 games when listed as the underdog. Their biggest upset win of the season came in Week 6 against the Kansas City Chiefs when they were listed at +175. Houston was favored in 9 games which makes it hard to profit a ton when there’s juice in your schedule, but they capitalized when it counted and it lands them in the top 10.

8. Tennessee Titans

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Final Record: 9-7

Investment Gain: 20%

The Tennessee Titans were an up and down team all season long. It seemed like they lost when they weren’t supposed to and won when they shouldn’t have. The wins they earned when they shouldn’t have, was what vaulted them into the top 10 profitable teams list. Their biggest payout came in Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns when they were listed at +215 odds. The Titans were only favored to win in 7 of their games, and they ended with 9 total wins. When favored, they were only listed at better than -200 odds in the final week of the season when they wrapped the season up at -245 against the resting Texans.

7. Seattle Seahawks

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Final Record: 11-5

Investment Gain: 23%

Seattle had a difficult road to this list, as they were only listed with positive payout odds 3 times in 2019. Fortunately for Seahawk bettors, they capitalized on these games by winning 2 out of the 3. Week 10 highlighted their season with a +215 victory against the San Francisco 49ers. They finished with an 11-5 record, which would likely make them profitable, but what vaulted them up to a 23% return was the upset wins.

6. Atlanta Falcons

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Final Record: 7-9

Investment Gain: 28%

Atlanta is the first team on this list to make it with a losing overall record. The Falcons under performed a lot of expectations, and their dreadful 1-7 start to the season killed their chances at making the playoffs. What saved the Falcon’s season and launched them into profitability was the 6-2 finish in their final 8 games. Of the Falcons 7 wins, 5 of them came when the payout was +100 or greater. Their largest payout came in Week 10 against the Saints when they were listed at +425. Their payout status was also aided with a win against the 49ers in Week 15 at +405 odds.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Image result for san francisco 49ers win 2019

Final Record: 13-3

Investment Gain: 31%

San Francisco was clearly one of the better teams in the league, and they really came out of nowhere to finish as the top team in the NFC. The unexpected season aided their profitability factor, as the beginning of their campaign saw reasonable odds to bump up their payouts. Ultimately, the 49ers only had positive payout odds 4 times in 2019, but they capitalized 3 out of the 4 times this happened. Their largest Money Line payout came in Week 6 against the Los Angeles Rams when they were listed at +140 odds. Of course, when you finish the season 13-3, the chances of you earning your backers money is quite high as well.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Image result for baltimore ravens 2019

Final Record: 14-2

Investment Gain: 35%

Baltimore finished the season with the best record in the NFL at 14-2. When you win almost every one of your games, the chances of profitability are high. As the season progressed, you saw the juice hitting the Ravens odds was fairly high. They were perfect when they needed to be, as they wrapped up games they were favored in 11 out of 12 times. Of the 4 games they were listed as an underdog, they won 3 of them. The largest payout for the Ravens came in Weeks 7 and 9 against the Seahawks and Patriots. Both game the Ravens were listed at +150 odds.

3. New Orleans Saints

Image result for new orleans saints 2019

Final Record: 13-3

Investment Gain: 36%

You can thank the Drew Brees injury and the success of Teddy Bridgewater for the ROI of the Saints Money Line success this season. Had Brees not gone down, the chances the Saints would have been listed as underdogs in 4 of their first 7 games would have been much lower. However, that is exactly what happened, and the Bridgewater-led Saints won 3 of those games at positive payout rates. Their biggest upset win of the Season came in Week 3 against Seattle when the payout was at +180. Overall, the Saints were listed as favorites 12 times. They outperformed Vegas by winning 13 games when it was all said and done, making them one of the top teams on this list.

2. Green Bay Packers

Image result for green bay packers 2019

Final Record: 13-3

Investment Gain: 36%

Green Bay’s success on the Money Line in 2019 was predicated on their ability to win when they were listed as the underdog. They only had 4 opportunities to accomplish this and they took advantage of it 3 times. Their biggest accomplishment came late in the season when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Week 16 at +195 odds. A lot of the Packers games in 2019 came with a lot of juice, so their spot on this list was well deserved as they took care of business when it mattered most. Bettors that played the Packers Money Line in 2019 ended up with a fair return on their investment.

1. Miami Dolphins

Image result for miami dolphins win 2019

Final Record: 5-11

Investment Gain: 41%

The Dolphins, surprisingly enough, wind up in the top spot after finishing the season with a 5-11 record. Through the first 8 games of the season the Dolphins hadn’t secured a single victory which put them at the absolute bottom of the league since they hadn’t earned a single cent on the Money Line. Their final 8 games of the season saw the Dolphins win 5 games, 4 of which came in upset fashion. They were only favored to win 1 game in 2019, so there was absolutely no juice involved in Miami’s route to profitability. Their largest payout came in Week 17 when they defeated the New England Patriots who were playing for a first round bye. The odds were stacked against the Dolphins in this game as their payout was a +750 line. This final win was what vaulted the Dolphins up the list earning backers a 41 percent return on investment if your were brave enough to gamble on the Dolphins in 2019.

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