Straight Up: 9-7 (153-102-1)

Against the Spread: 7-9 (126-129-1)

Points Totals: 5-11 (119-133-2)

Pick of the Week: Baltimore (+2) over Pittsburgh

Failure of the Week: New England (-16.5) over Miami

League Stats

Home Teams: 7-9 (8-8 ATS) – 132-123-1 (112-143-1)

Favorites: 10-6 (7-9 ATS) – 162-93-1 (117-138-1)

Over/Under: 13 OVER – 3 UNDER – (127 O – 125 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Buffalo 6 NY Jets 13

Our Picks: Buffalo (L) – Buffalo -1 (L) – Over 36.5 (L)

Buffalo came into this game with nothing to play for. They are locked into their playoff spot and most of their starters had a chance to rest up before next week’s playoff game. I thought that the Bills would have enough in the tank to slow the Jets down enough to sneak out a win. The Bills defense held up their end of the bargain, but the offensive reserves couldn’t put up enough points to close this game out for us.

Cincinnati 33 Cleveland 23

Our Picks: Cleveland (L) – Cleveland -2.5 (L) – Over 43 (W )

Cleveland’s disappointing season was wrapped up with a fitting fashion. They were outplayed by the worst team in the league all afternoon. After the game, Head Coach Freddie Kitchens was relieved of his duties, and the Browns will have a serious offseason ahead of them as they look to retool and make it back to where their expectations were heading into 2019. The Bengals now have a big decision ahead of them as they have secured the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Detroit 20 Green Bay 23

Our Picks: Green Bay (W ) – Detroit +12.5 (W ) – Over 43.5 (L)

The Lions sure gave a valiant effort to play spoiler against Green Bay in this one. Detroit led by multiple scores a couple times in this game and it appeared that we may have had a huge upset brewing in Week 17. However, Aaron Rodgers and company pulled through in the end and secured a first round bye heading into the playoffs. The Lions end up with the 3rd overall pick in the upcoming draft and will have a big decision ahead of them as they look to rebound from disappointing season under coach Matt Patricia.

Kansas City 31 LA Chargers 21

Our Picks: Kansas City (W ) – Kansas City -9 (W ) – Over 45.5 (W )

The Chiefs needed a win on Sunday paired with a Patriots loss to secure a first round bye. That’s exactly what happened. Based on the fact that the Chiefs had something to play for, I picked them to win and cover the spread. I also figured that there could be a lot of points scored in this game. All of those things happened and this game ended up being one of our bright spots of the week.

Minnesota 19 Chicago 21

Our Picks: Minnesota (L) – Minnesota +3 (W ) – Over 36 (W )

This was another game in which neither team had anything to play for. However, the Vikings had plenty to lose if their stars got injured, so many of them sat out this game. The Bears overcame the Viking reserves to pull off the overall win, but the Vikings still covered the 3 point spread. I scored wins against the spread and on the points total, but I didn’t see the Bears coming away with the victory here.

New England 24 Miami 27

Our Picks: New England (L) – New England -16.5 (L) – Under 44.5 (L)

The upset of the week came in this AFC East battle between the obviously dominating Patriots against the lowly Dolphins. Miami came into New England and played spoiler to stop the Patriots from securing a first round bye. All New England needed was either a win or a Chiefs loss and they would have had this upcoming weekend off. However, that was not meant to be, and the Patriots have to play a wildcard game this upcoming weekend.

Tampa Bay 22 Atlanta 28

Our Picks: Atlanta (W ) – Atlanta +1 (W ) – Under 47.5 (L)

This game was another one on the schedule this week that had no real implications based on the outcome. Both teams have been eliminated from playoff contention weeks ago, so it was a game for pride and draft positioning. Tampa Bay had the slight edge, but knowing how much Jameis Winston likes to turn the ball over I just couldn’t pick them with any certainty. To no one’s surprise, the game ended on a Winston pick-six.

Carolina 10 New Orleans 42

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – New Orleans -13 (W ) – Under 45 (L)

New Orleans needed to win this game to have a chance at securing a first round bye. They also needed a Packers loss. The Packers loss didn’t end up happening, but the Saints took care of business on their end. They laid in on heavy early and this game was about out of reach by the end of the first quarter. The Saints win easily, cover easily, and fly past the over.

Dallas 47 Washington 16

Our Picks: Dallas (W ) – Washington +11 (L) – Under 45.5 (L)

The Cowboys needed to win this game, and hope that the Eagles would not beat the Giants to get into the playoffs. Dallas did everything that they could, by blowing out the Redskins in this matchup, but it ended up being all for nothing. The Eagles easily won too, resulting in an empty season for the hit-or-miss Cowboys.

Denver 16 Oakland 15

Our Picks: Denver (W ) – Denver -3 (L) – Over 40.5 (L)

The Raiders have struggled down the stretch and their struggles continued in Week 17. Denver limited what the Raiders could do offensively and it resulted in a close victory for the also-struggling Broncos. Both teams will look to rebuild over the next several months and take advantage of some of the youth that showed some light for these two teams this season.

LA Rams 31 Arizona 24

Our Picks: LA Rams (W ) – Arizona +6 (L) – Over 46 (W )

The Rams season will end in disappointment, as they will not make the playoffs, but at least their last game ends with a victory. The Rams edged out an up and coming Cardinals team by a touchdown. I picked the Cardinals to keep it close, but we missed that pick by a point.

NY Giants 17 Philadelphia 34

Our Picks: Philadelphia (W ) – Philadelphia -4 (W ) – Under 45 (L)

The Eagles objective was simple. Win and you’re in. That’s exactly what they did on Sunday and Philadelphia walks away with the NFC East title and a wildcard playoff game to play in this weekend. The Eagles will widely be viewed as one of the weaker playoff teams in 2019, but they have qualified and that’s all that matters at this point. Philadelphia gets to host Seattle on Sunday Evening for a chance at advancing to the Divisonal Round the following week.

Jacksonville 38 Indianapolis 20

Our Picks: Indianapolis (L) – Indianapolis -4 (L) – Under 41.5 (L)

Both Indianapolis and Jacksonville have had down years. The Jags had high hopes when they brought in Nick Foles at quarterback. Foles went down early, and when he came back he was extremely ineffective. They had plenty of drama with Jalen Ramsey, and then when they finally let Tom Coughlin go. Indianapolis had a very unique year as well with Andrew Luck retiring right before the season. Neither team ended where they wanted to, but in this game, the Jags outplayed the Colts. I didn’t have a ton of insight here, so my pick was made with little confidence. I lost.

Baltimore 28 Pittsburgh 10

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore +2 (W ) – Over 37 (W)

Pittsburgh had a ton to play for, and Baltimore did not. However, the Steelers offense has struggled mightily and I picked the Ravens defense to still hold firm and get the win. That is precisely what happened. The Ravens reserves did what they needed to do, as the starters get rest this week and next week during the bye. Pittsburgh ends the season in disappointing fashion as they will not make the playoffs this time around.

Houston 14 Tennessee 35

Our Picks: Houston (L) – Houston +5 (L) – Under 44.5 (L)

Tennessee needed to get a win here to make the playoffs. Houston is already locked into their position. I played this game like I did the Ravens/Steelers game thinking that the Houston reserves would still handle Tennessee. This logic did not work out for me in this game. Tennessee dominated the Texans and my picks all resulted in L’s.

Seattle 21 San Francisco 26

Our Picks: Seattle (L) – Seattle +3 (L) – Under 46.5 (L)

In the biggest game of the week, we were treated to another great showing from these two teams. San Francisco did what they needed to do on the road, as they clinch the NFC West in the final game of the year. Seattle played from behind all day, and they couldn’t quite gain the lead despite the return of Beast Mode. Seattle gets to head to Philadelphia next week, and the 49ers have a week of rest to prepare for their next opponent.

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