Straight Up: 9-7 (144-95-1)

Against the Spread: 9-7 (119-120-1)

Points Totals: 5-11 (114-122-2)

Pick of the Week: Miami Dolphins (+1) over Cincinnati Bengals

Failure of the Week: Dallas Cowboys (-2) over Philadelphia Eagles

League Stats

Home Teams: 8-8 (8-8 ATS) – 125-114-1 (104-135-1)

Favorites: 9-7 (7-9 ATS) – 152-87-1 (110-129-1)

Over/Under: 6 OVER – 10 UNDER – (114 O – 122 U – 4P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Tampa Bay 20 Houston 23

Our Picks: Houston (W ) – Houston -3.5 (L) – Over 50.5 (L)

Houston pulled this one off, but not very comfortably. Tampa Bay continues to be a wildcard when it comes to picking games. Sometimes they put up 50 points and their offense looks amazing. Other games they turn the ball over 7 times and their play is laughable. In this one, they turned the ball over and Houston was able to hold them at bay to secure the victory. Unfortunately for us, we lost this pick by a half point, and not enough points were put up on the board to hit the over.

New England 24 Buffalo 17

Our Picks: Buffalo (L) – Buffalo +6.5 (L) – Under 37 (L)

Throughout most of this game, the Bills looked like they had a real opportunity to beat the Pats at home. However, when all was said and done, the Patriots pulled away and secured another AFC East title against the pesky Bills. Our pick here was a bit of a stretch, but based on how we have been successful with Buffalo this year I decided to let it ride. We took L’s across the board on this one.

San Francisco 34 LA Rams 31

Our Picks: San Francisco (W ) – San Francisco -7 (L) – Over 44.5 (W )

The Rams have not been anywhere close to the team they were a season ago. The 49ers can also say the same thing about themselves this season, but with a positive spin. We were treated to a high scoring game that resembled the Rams from a year ago, but it didn’t fair too well for my spread pick. The 49ers pulled it out in the end, but failed to cover the 7 point spread.

Atlanta 24 Jacksonville 12

Our Picks: Atlanta (W ) – Jacksonville +7.5 (L) – Over 47 (L)

Neither of these teams have much to play for, which makes it a difficult one to pick. After the drama surrounding the Jaguars this past week it was either going to be a breakout game to overcome the drama, or they would fall flat. They fell flat, and my pick for the Jags cover failed.

Cleveland 15 Baltimore 31

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore -10 (W ) – Over 49.5 (L)

Baltimore was held down early by the Browns defense and had a lot of people thinking that the Browns could weather the storm and pull off the huge upset. Then, in a blink of an eye, the Ravens started putting points on the board and never looked back. They pulled away by multiple scores and secured the number 1 spot in the AFC.

Tennessee 28 New Orleans 38

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – New Orleans -3 (W ) – Over 49.5 (W )

This was another game this weekend, that looked like it was an upset in the making. The Titans led for a while and the Saints did not look like they were executing like they have been most of the year. However, New Orleans shifted into high gear and pulled away from the Titans. Saints get the win, the cover, and hit the over for us.

Indianapolis 38 Carolina 6

Our Picks: Indianapolis (W ) – Indianapolis -7 (W ) – Over 46.5 (L)

Carolina has looked completely dreadful over the past month or so, and their struggles continued in Indianapolis this weekend. Despite the fact that the Colts have been eliminated from playoff contention, they put on a show and handled the Panthers easily.

Miami 38 Cincinnati 35

Our Picks: Miami (W ) – Miami +1 (W ) – Over 46 (W )

Cincinnati almost completed on of the biggest comebacks of the year in this game between two teams that have little to play for, aside from draft positioning. However, the comeback for the Bengals fell short as they lost to the Dolphins in overtime. The silver lining for Cincinnati here, is that they secured the number 1 pick in the upcoming draft.

NY Jets 16 Pittsburgh 10

Our Picks: Pittsburgh (L) – Pittsburgh -3 (L) – Under 37 (W )

The Steelers had a tough game on Sunday, as they couldn’t get anything going on offense at all. Delvin Hodges was pulled due to poor play, resulting in Mason Rudolph taking snaps. Rudolph then gets injured, and the Steelers are forced to put Hodges back in to finish the game. Regardless of who was taking snaps on Sunday, the Steelers couldn’t crack the Jets defense and fall in a game that was very important for their playoff hopes.

Washington 35 NY Giants 41

Our Picks: Washington (L) – Washington pk (L) – Under 41 (L)

This high-scoring affair featured two teams who have been at the bottom of the league all season long. The Giants end up pulling off the victory in overtime, which worsens their draft position and keeps the Redskins within the top 3.

Denver 27 Detroit 17

Our Picks: Denver (W ) – Denver -7 (W ) – Under 38 (L)

The Lions came out and did what they needed to do. Lose. The teams ahead of them for the 2020 draft were going to cannibalize themselves at some point. The Skins played the Giants. The Dolphins played the Bengals. All the Lions had to do was lose this game in Denver and they would benefit from the results of the other games. Fortunately for Detroit, they did just that. As a Lions fan, I can at least say my team is good at something: losing.

LA Chargers 17 Oakland 24

Our Picks: LA Chargers (L) – Oakland +7.5 (W ) – Over 45 (L)

As I glanced at the spread for this game, it surprised me a bit that the Chargers were favored by more than a touchdown. Neither team has been impressive so far, and the Chargers don’t get much of a home field advantage. I really though that the Chargers would win, but I believed it would be a close one. The Chargers pick lost for me, but picking the Raiders to keep it within 7.5 paid off.

Philadelphia 17 Dallas 9

Our Picks: Dallas (L) – Dallas -2 (L) – Over 46 (L)

This was definitely the most important game of the season for both teams so far. Someone has to represent the NFC East, and it is coming down to these two teams that entered the game with the same record. Dallas has been Jekyll and Hyde all season long, so I rode the idea that they would come out swinging like they did last weekend against the Rams. That pick proved to be incorrect, as the Eagles controlled the Cowboys and set themselves up to secure the NFC East with a Week 17 win.

Seattle 13 Arizona 27

Our Picks: Seattle (L) – Arizona +9.5 (W ) – Over 51 (L)

Boy did Seattle come out flat in this game. I anticipated that the Cards would be able to keep it within 10 points, but I didn’t think that they would pull off the complete upset. Arizona controlled this game and the Seahawks need some help. Good thing, they just locked up Beast Mode for their playoff run.

Chicago 3 Kansas City 26

Our Picks: Kansas City (W ) – Kansas City -6 (W ) – Under 44.5 (W )

The Chiefs continue to have a banner year, and are flying under the radar into the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes has not been getting nearly as much attention as he did a year ago in his MVP campaign, due to the fact that Lamar Jackson is running away with the award. Kansas City did what they needed to do in this game, as they stifled the Bears in Chicago and come away with a 23 point victory.

Minnesota 10 Green Bay 23

Our Picks: Minnesota (L) – Green Bay +5 (W ) – Over 47 (L)

Green Bay wraps up the NFC North in a huge win on Monday Night against the Vikings. It was a low scoring affair all game, and the Packers pulled away in the second half to get the big win. The Vikings will still be a playoff team, but they need to get healthy to compete with teams like Green Bay in a couple weeks. Now Green Bay shifts gears moving into the final week of the season to secure a first round bye.

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