Straight Up: 8-8 (135-88-1)

Against the Spread: 8-8 (110-113-1)

Points Totals: 9-7 (109-111-2)

Pick of the Week: Buffalo (+1.5) over Pittsburgh

Failure of the Week: LA Rams (-2) over Dallas

League Stats

Home Teams: 7-9 (8-8 ATS) – 117-106-1 (96-127-1)

Favorites: 10-6 (9-7 ATS) – 143-80-1 (103-120-1)

Over/Under: 10 OVER – 6 UNDER – (108 O – 112 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Baltimore 42 NY Jets 21

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore -17 (W ) – Over 45 (W )

The Ravens continue to roll, and the Jets weren’t in any position to slow them down on Thursday Night Football. I was cautions to pick the Ravens ATS at -17, but knowing what Lamar Jackson has done all season long I was comfortable with the risk. It turned out positive for me, as the game played out exactly how I placed my bets. Clean sweep on TNF to start the week.

Detroit 17 Tampa Bay 38

Our Picks: Tampa Bay (W ) – Tampa Bay -3.5 (W ) – Over 46 (W )

It appears that the Lions are perfectly content to continue losing football games to improve their draft position in 2020. As a Lions fan this is bittersweet

Cincinnati 13 New England 34

Our Picks: New England (W ) – New England -10 (W ) – Under 41.5 (L)

I know New England hasn’t looked as sharp as they could have over the past couple weeks, but looking at this game it was a no brainer. You take the Patriots and you take them to cover. It was a close-ish game in the beginning, but New England took over throughout and finished with the easy cover. The only thing I missed here was the points totals. The Pats have hit a lot of unders all season long, and they just missed out here.

Green Bay 21 Chicago 13

Our Picks: Chicago (L) – Chicago +4 (L) – Over 40.5 (L)

This pick was a bit of a stretch for me, but I took it as a value pick. Anything can happen with divisional rivalry games, so I figured there was a chance for the Bears to pull off the outright upset. They lost by 8, but had a real opportunity to put up another 6 points with their last chance lateral-laden play as time expired. Fell a couple yards short of getting the potential cover. I’ll accept the L on the stretch pick.

Tennessee 21 Houston 24

Our Picks: Tennessee (L) – Tennessee -3 (L) – Over 51 (L)

Rolling into this game Houston has not impressed me, and I knew that the Titans were on a roll. I picked this one out of momentum and figured that the Titans would come out on top and keep their run going. The Texans seemed to control most of this game en route to the win. I really didn’t feel extremely confident either way with this pick, so I was not going to be surprised with either result here.

Kansas City 23 Denver 3

Our Picks: Kansas City (W ) – Kansas City -10 (W ) – Over 45 (L)

The weather definitely played a big factor with this game, as it was played in blizzard-like conditions. No surprise that there weren’t a ton of points scored. The better team won and they covered the big 10 point spread. I contemplated picking the Broncos to cover since they have done a good job of keeping games close, but I am glad I stuck with my initial prediction here.

NY Giants 36 Miami 20

Our Picks: Miami (L) – Miami +3.5 (L) – Over 46.5 (W )

Eli Manning definitely stole the show in this game as he got one last win at home for the New York fans. I wasn’t quite sure if he had enough gas left in the tank to pull it off, and Miami has done a pretty terrible job tanking over the past 2 months. I lost another stretch pick, but I am really not surprised that the Giants came out on top. As a fan, I’ll take it, as it improves my Lions draft ranking.

Washington 27 Philadelphia 37

Our Picks: Washington (L) – Washington +4.5 (L) – Over 39 (W )

This pick hurt. Washington was down by 4 points with the ball, late in the game. I didn’t even care if they didn’t win the game, but I at least wanted to get the ATS pick right. All they had to do was run the clock out and not do something stupid. Then they fumbled. Then the Eagles picked it up. Then the Eagles ran it back for a touchdown. Then I cried. Eagles Win. Eagles Cover. I lose.

Carolina 24 Seattle 30

Our Picks: Seattle (W ) – Seattle -7 (L) – Over 49 (W )

This pick turned out to be too good to be true. I though that the Seahawks -7 was a sure lock, but I was quickly reminded that nothing in the NFL is a lock. Seattle was cruising early and it appeared that this game was going to be a blowout and the ATS pick was secure. Carolina brought it back, and ended up losing by 6 points killing the pick and handing me a tough ATS loss here.

Oakland 16 Jacksonville 20

Our Picks: Oakland (L) – Oakland -6.5 (L) – Under 45.5 (W )

Both teams have been playing some awful football over their past couple weeks. Oakland just happened to play worse than Jacksonville this week as the Jags steal one on the road. I picked this one assuming that the Raiders would be trying to give the Oakland faithful another win before they move to Vegas. I was wrong.

Arizona 38 Cleveland 24

Our Picks: Cleveland (L) – Cleveland -3 (L) – Over 49 (W )

Cleveland has been a hard team to pick all season long. Just when you think they can win a game or cover the spread, they let you down and you come up a loser. That is exactly what happened here, as they tricked me into believing that they would come out on top of the Cards.

LA Chargers 10 Minnesota 39

Our Picks: Minnesota (W ) – Minnesota -3 (W ) – Over 45.5 (W )

I really do believe that Minnesota has been overlooked by a lot of people in 2019. They still have a very real chance of winning the NFC North and making a lot of noise in the playoffs. The Chargers have been one of the most disappointing teams this year. This pick was easy for me. Vikings win, cover, and hit the over.

Dallas 44 LA Rams 21

Our Picks: LA Rams (L) – LA Rams -2 (L) – Under 49 (L)

I’ll admit. I missed on this game completely. I really though the Rams were pulling it together and making a real run back at the playoffs. The Cowboys have looked dreadful for a while now, so I though this one was a no brainer. Turns out that I was very wrong. The Cowboys owned the Rams throughout this entire game and they pull off the blowout.

San Francisco 22 Atlanta 29

Our Picks: San Francisco (L) – Atlanta +11 (W ) – Over 48 (W )

I knew Atlanta was going to keep this game close, but I didn’t really expect them to pull off the outright upset in this game. The Falcons have played the top tier teams very tough over the past couple months, so I had a hunch that the same thing would happen here. The 49ers really didn’t need to take this loss, as the Seahawks now pull even with them in the division.

Pittsburgh 10 Buffalo 17

Our Picks: Buffalo (W ) – Buffalo +1.5 (W ) – Over 35.5 (L)

Both teams in this game have elite defenses and sub par offenses. Despite the fact that the Steelers have put together a pretty impressive season after a rough start, I have been more impressed with the Bills overall performance in 2019. That led me to believe the Bills would steal this one on the road. I felt like it was a good value upset pick and it played out well for me.

New Orleans 34 Indianapolis 7

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – New Orleans -9 (W ) – Over 45.6 (L)

The Saint had too much going for them in this matchup to pick against them. They were celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their 2009 Super Bowl season. Drew Brees was going for the touchdown record. Michael Thomas is chasing down the season reception record. The stars were lining up for the Saints to have a big game. And they did. Easy wins in this game.

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