Straight Up: 10-6 (127-80-1)

Against the Spread: 11-4-1 (102-105-1)

Points Totals: 7-9 (100-104-2)

Pick of the Week: Kansas City (+3) over New England

Failure of the Week: Carolina (+3) over Atlanta

League Stats

Home Teams: 9-7 (5-10-1 ATS) – 110-97-1 (88-119-1)

Favorites: 11-5 (7-8-1 ATS) – 133-74-1 (94-113-1)

Over/Under: 8 OVER – 8 UNDER – (98 O – 106 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Chicago 31 Dallas 24

Our Picks: Chicago (W ) – Chicago +3 (W ) – Over 43 (W )

Dallas continues to dissapoint, and the Bears keep fighting for their playoff lives. Coming into this one I wasn’t impressed with either team, but I felt like the Cowboys were slipping much harder at the moment. Chicago dominated this game on both sides of the ball as they hand the Cowboys another loss. Despite the loss, Dallas still holds on to the NFC East playoff spot, whereas the Bears need to keep winning and will need a lot of help to sneak into the playoffs.

Minnesota 20 Detroit 7

Our Picks: Minnesota (W ) – Minnesota -12.5 (W ) – Over 43 (L)

Minnesota is simply the better team at this point in the season. Detroit is on a huge losing streak and it should continue without Matthew Stafford. Detroit started out with a lot of potential, but at this point they appear to be content to continue losing to secure a better draft pick. The Viking win and cover by a half point, though it easily could have been a far bigger blowout.

Atlanta 40 Carolina 20

Our Picks: Carolina (L) – Carolina +3 (L) – Under 47 (L)

I was really hoping that the Panthers would come out motivated to prove their worth after losing their head coach this past week. That did not happen, as the Falcons beat up on them all afternoon. Atlanta continues to surprise teams after one of their worst starts in a long time. However, as they continue to win, they worsen their draft status in 2020.

Buffalo 17 Baltimore 24

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore -6.5 (W ) – Over 44 (L)

I picked Baltimore in this game to win and cover, but the fan in me was really rooting for Buffalo. They have had a great record all season long, and have not gotten any credit for it. The Bills are a good team and they proved that they can hang with some of the best teams in the league. Buffalo couldn’t quite come all the way back, as the Ravens win and cover by a half point here.

Cleveland 27 Cincinnati 19

Our Picks: Cleveland (W ) – Cincinnati +7.5 (L) – Over 41.5 (W )

Cleveland is doing what they need to do to keep their playoff hopes alive. However, those chances are getting slimmer by the week and it might be too little too late. I picked the Bengals to cover here, and I barely missed on that pick. They were in this game all afternoon long and they just fell short of covering by a half point.

Green Bay 20 Washington 15

Our Picks: Green Bay (W ) – Washington +13 (W ) – Over 41.5 (L)

Even though the Packers have an impressive record and will make the playoffs, I haven’t been extremely impressed with their resume. Couple that with the fact that the Redskins have shown a little bit of life lately I picked Washington to cover the big spread. The Skins did that easily and the pick payed off.

New Orleans 46 San Francisco 48

Our Picks: New Orleans (L) – New Orleans -2 (L) – Under 44.5 (L)

This was probably the most entertaining game of the 2019 season so far. I was not expecting a shootout from these two teams, but I sure enjoyed it as it played out. The Saints had a chance to go up by 3 late in the game, but they missed a two point conversion and held on to a 1 point edge. At that point I knew the 2 point cover would not happen. The 49ers came back on George Kittle’s massive reception coupled with a facemask penalty to kick the field goal and win the game. The 49ers are real, and they have lofty expectation heading into the playoffs.

NY Jets 22 Miami 21

Our Picks: Miami (L) – Miami +5 (W ) – Under 46 (W )

Kickfest 2019 goes to the Jets, who kicked a field goal with time expiring to secure the victory over the Dolphins. This game was filled with field goals as they teams went back and forth all afternoon. I though Miami had a great chance to hold on and secure the straight up victory, but it wasn’t meant to be. The did, however, cover the 5 points for me and I took home the W against the spread in this one.

Tampa Bay 38 Indianapolis 35

Our Picks: Tampa Bay (W ) – Tampa Bay -3 (Push) – Over 47 (W )

Indy is sliding hard, and Tampa Bay seems to be stringing some wins together. For this reason, I though that the Bucs would come away with the win, and I was right. I picked Tampa to win by 3 and they did, so we resulted in my first push ATS this season. I really wish Tampa Bay had a defense, because this offense can put up some numbers and have been impressive all season long (aside from the turnovers).

Houston 24 Denver 38

Our Picks: Houston (L) – Denver +9 (W ) – Under 46 (L)

Houston can’t decide if they are a good team or a bad team, as they drop a huge loss to the Broncos. The Texans should have won this game, but their inconsistent play continues as they now find themselves tied for the lead in the AFC South with the Titans. They get to face Tennessee this week which will be a massive game for both sides on both a divisional and wildcard front.

Jacksonville 10 LA Chargers 45

Our Picks: LA Chargers (W ) – LA Chargers -3 (W ) – Over 43 (W )

This game was all Chargers from beginning to end. The Jags are sliding hard, and I knew that could continue this week. Though the Chargers have been inconsistent all season long, I was betting on the idea that they would handle their business against Jacksonville. That turned out to be the case here and we got a clean sweep with the picks.

Oakland 21 Tennessee 42

Our Picks: Tennessee (W ) – Tennessee -3 (W ) – Over 47.5 (W )

Tennessee gets a huge win against the Raiders here as they now pull even with the Texans in the division for the lead. Oakland on the other hand, takes another loss as their playoff hopes slip away. The Titans are playing their best football of the season at the right time and could find themselves with a divisional championship if they keep doing what they are doing.

New England 16 Kansas City 23

Our Picks: Kansas City (W ) – Kansas City +3 (W ) – Under 49 (W )

New England is not the same team we are used to seeing during the Brady/Bellichick era. The Pats have now lost 2 straight games and are no longer sitting in the 1 seed in the AFC. The Chiefs have been stringing together another great year, and have been overshadowed by the Ravens as the headline. Teams in the AFC better start paying attention now, as Kansas City is coming hard and fast and have high hopes to make it to the Super Bowl this February.

Arizona 17 Pittsburgh 23

Our Picks: Pittsburgh (W ) – Pittsburgh -3 (W ) – Over 43.5 (L)

The Steelers continue to find ways to win in 2019. They now sit fairly comfortably in the 6 seed with a huge game against the Bills coming up. Despite everything that has gone wrong with the Steelers in 2019, they are playing meaningful football in December and could very easily find themselves playing in January if they keep doing what they are doing.

LA Rams 28 Seattle 12

Our Picks: Seattle (L) – Seattle -1 (L) – Over 47 (L)

Los Angeles is not ready to give up on 2019, despite the fact that they find themselves on the outside looking in to the playoffs with only 3 weeks remaining in the season. This win against their divisional rival keeps that hope alive with 3 important games remaining on the schedule. I didn’t expect the Rams to handle the Seahawks like this so I took losses across the board with this game.

Philadelphia 23 NY Giants 17 (OT)

Our Picks: NY Giants (L) – NY Giants +9.5 (W ) – Over 46 (L)

I was riding with the Giants in this one for two reasons. The Eagles have looked horrendous over the past month, and Eli Manning was making a return. I picked this one thinking that Eli would come out and do Eli things one more time and come away with the victory against their rival. He did that most of the game, but the Eagles were able to come back and secure the overtime victory. Even though the Giants fell in the end, they covered the spread and I’ll take that victory to wrap up the week.

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