Straight Up: 11-3 (108-67-1)

Against the Spread: 4-10 (84-92)

Points Totals: 5-9 (87-85-2)

Pick of the Week: Carolina (+10) covering against New Orleans

Failure of the Week: Oakland (-3) over NY Jets

League Stats

Home Teams: 10-4 (7-7 ATS) – 93-82-1 (75-101)

Favorites: 10-4 (5-9 ATS) – 115-60-1 (80-96)

Over/Under: 5 OVER – 9 UNDER – (83 O – 89 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Houston 20 Indianapolis 17

Our Picks: Houston (W ) – Houston -3.5 (L) – Over 46.5 (L)

Houston took control of the AFC South with this big win over the Colts. It came down to the wire with Houston able to hold off the Colts and running the time out to end the game. I was hoping that the Texans would need to kick a field goal near the end of the game to cover the spread, but they were able to run the time out without doing so. We got the straight up pick right, but the half point on the spread gave us the loss here.

Washington 19 Detroit 16

Our Picks: Detroit (L) – Detroit -3.5 (L) – Over 40.5 (L)

The Lions season seems to be hitting rock bottom with the loss to the lowly Redskins. Detroit has not had their franchise quarterback for 3 weeks now, and it appears that their backup may miss some time with injuries after this loss. The hope I had early on for my beloved Lions has evaporated quickly and I am just hoping they keep losing to get a better draft pick at this point.

Atlanta 22 Tampa Bay 35

Our Picks: Atlanta (L) – Atlanta -4 (L) – Over 51.5 (W )

The recent success Atlanta has had in the past few weeks evaporated in this game. The Buccaneers continue to light the league up offensively and put up another monster game on the scoreboard. If Tampa Bay even had an average defense this team could be right in the thick of things. However, that porous defense continues to get destroyed. This was one of their best performances all season long and they still gave up 22 points. However, a win is a win and the Bucs will take it.

Buffalo 20 Denver 3

Our Picks: Buffalo (W ) – Denver +4 (L) – Under 37 (W )

Denver is giving the Bears a run for their money when it comes to the worst offense in the league. Denver could barely move the ball all game long against the Bills and it resulted in a dismal 3 points on the scoreboard. Denver has played in a lot of close games this year and I anticipated another one here. But when you can’t move the ball much, you’re not going to keep many games close. Denver will need to make some serious changes offensively if they want to compete the rest of the year.

Chicago 19 NY Giants 14

Our Picks: Chicago (W ) – Chicago -6 (L) – Over 40 (L)

When I was picking this game I simply took the Bears because I thought they were the better team. I also anticipated that the Bears might finally find some offensive success and the total would eclipse 40. Well, I got the overall pick correct, but the Bears didn’t quite cover the full 6 points and the total fell short. I’ll take the straight up pick win, but this was another close spread that hurts the overall win total this week.

Cincinnati 10 Pittsburgh 16

Our Picks: Pittsburgh (W ) – Pittsburgh -7 (L) – Over 38 (L)

Pittsburgh got the win here, but they didn’t look pretty doing so. Mason Rudolph was benched due to poor play. That makes complete sense, considering they should have put way more points on the board against the worst team in the league. Pittsburgh didn’t really show up, so I am not surprised that they couldn’t cover the spread. The Steelers are far more capable than what they showed Sunday. I’ll take the spread loss here, knowing that this could have been a much different game.

Cleveland 41 Miami 24

Our Picks: Cleveland (W ) – Miami +10.5 (L) – Under 45.5 (L)

Cleveland is finally stringing together some wins, but it might be too little too late. This team has looked a whole lot different over the past few weeks than they did to start the season. I suppose my bias was leaning toward their body of work early, which is why I thought the Dolphins could keep it close. Miami put up more than 24 points, so that was a bit of a success, but they definitely didn’t keep it within 10.5.

New Orleans 34 Carolina 31

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – Carolina +10 (W ) – Over 47 (W )

The 10 point spread here had me leaning heavy toward the Panthers. Despite their inconsistent play, I figured that they would show up strong against a divisional rival, and they didn’t disappoint. This was one entertaining game to watch, and it feels even better when I get a clean sweep on the picks. Saint win, Panthers cover, and the total goes way beyond 47.

NY Jets 34 Oakland 3

Our Picks: Oakland (L) – Oakland -3 (L) – Over 46.5 (L)

A lot of people looked at this game for Oakland as a trap game. I though long and hard about it as well and settled on the fact that the Jets were just too bad of a team to come away with a win in this one. Boy was I wrong. The Jets came to play, and they took care of business against the Raiders in a big way. Oakland has been vying for a playoff spot this season, but this game might prove that they are another year or two from really competing. They are still right in the thick of things, but getting whooped by the Jets definitely doesn’t help their cause.

Philadelphia 9 Seattle 17

Our Picks: Seattle (W ) – Seattle +1 (W ) – Over 47.5 (L)

As I looked at this game I was really surprised that Philadelphia was listed as the favorite. Despite being at home, they have been unimpressive most of the year and their play has been inconsistent. Couple that with the fact that the Seahawks are a really good road team the choice for me was simple. I took the Seahawks ATS and straight up. Worked out well, as Seattle took care of business on the road. Not nearly as many points scored as I anticipated, but I’ll settle for 2 out of 3 picks for this game.

Tennessee 42 Jacksonville 20

Our Picks: Tennessee (W ) – Jacksonville +3.5 (L) – Under 41.5 (L)

Tennessee came to play this weekend and the rout was on. Tennessee started strong and didn’t let up until this game was over. They put up 42 points on a pretty stout Jacksonville defensive unit. The Jags were out of this one early and just had to try to make it look decent. Based on how these two teams have performed throughout the year I thought it would be much closer. My Titans pick straight up was a winner, but the Jags keeping it close didn’t pan out.

New England 13 Dallas 9

Our Picks: New England (W ) – New England -6.5 (L) – Under 45 (W )

The Patriots continue to roll, and until their dynasty is completely over I will not bet against them. Despite the fact that Dallas kept this one close and eventually covered I have found that it is usually much safer to continue to bet on the Pats to win and to cover. Occasionally they wont, but you have to take the wins with the occasional loss.

San Francisco 37 Green Bay 8

Our Picks: San Francisco (W ) – San Francisco -3 (W ) – Over 48 (L)

Wow, I really did not expect this one to play out the way that it did. San Francisco is good, but I didn’t think they would be dominant against Aaron Rodgers like this. Rodgers could barely complete a pass there was so much pressure on him. The only success the Packers could find were short passes, so Rodgers numbers looked pretty lackluster.

LA Rams 6 Baltimore 45

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore -3.5 (W ) – Over 46.5 (W )

Lamar Jackson stole the show on Monday Night football. This game was over early and Jackson made one heck of a debut on MNF. Lamar threw for 5 touchdowns and was running all over the Rams defense. Baltimore sure does seem primed for a deep playoff run and Jackson is starting to run away with the MVP trophy at this point in the season.

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