Straight Up: 2-11 (86-61-1)

Against the Spread: 4-9 (71-77)

Points Totals: 8-5 (76-68-3)

Pick of the Week: Baltimore (-10) over Cincinnati

Failure of the Week: New Orleans (-13) over Atlanta

League Stats

Home Teams: 8-5 (7-6 ATS) – 76-71-1 (64-84)

Favorites: 5-8 (4-9 ATS) – 93-54-1 (66-82)

Over/Under: 7 OVER – 6 UNDER (71 O – 73 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Oakland 26 LA Chargers 24

Our Picks: LA Chargers (L) – LA Chargers -1.5 (L) – Over 48.5 (W )

This was an overall entertaining game. Both teams were in it until the end, but the Chargers couldn’t come up with a drive at the end of the game to complete the comeback. The Raiders continue to show the league that they are not the pushover they have been for the past few years.

Chicago 20 Detroit 13

Our Picks: Chicago (W ) – Chicago -2.5 (W ) – Over 41.5 (L)

Detroit was a completely different team without Matthew Stafford throwing the ball. I initially had the Lions picked, but changed the pick last minute when I heard that Stafford was going to be out with a back injury. I am completely convinced that the Lions would have controlled this game easily had Stafford played. However, that was not the case and the Bears figured out how to put up just enough points to hold the Lions off.

Cincinnati 13 Baltimore 49

Our Picks: Baltimore (W ) – Baltimore -10 (W ) – Over 44 (W )

Baltimore continues to roll through their schedule, and Cincinnati continues to get rolled on. The Ravens are making a case for the number 1 spot in the AFC led by MVP candidate Lamar Jackson. Cincinnati is pushing for the number 1 spot in the 2020 draft as they remain the only team in the league without a win.

Cleveland 19 Buffalo 16

Our Picks: Buffalo (L) – Buffalo +2.5 (L) – Under 40 (W )

If Week 10 had a trap game, this one was it. Looking at the line at the beginning of the week I thought that taking the Bills at +2.5 would be a steal. Once again, Vegas shows us that they truly do know more about this than all of us as the Browns pulled this one out at home.

Tennessee 35 Kansas City 32

Our Picks: Kansas City (L) – Kansas City -6 (L) – Under 47.5 (L)

Tennessee had one of the more impressive upsets in Week 10 this week. The Chiefs appeared to have this one completely locked up as they were kicking a field goal to go up by 8 points. However, an errant snap turned the ball over leading to the Titans final touchdown that put them on top. This one has to sting for the Chiefs as they drop yet another game.

New Orleans 9 Atlanta 26

Our Picks: New Orleans (L) – New Orleans -13 (L) – Under 51 (W )

What the hell happened in this game? The Saints were supposed to roll on the Falcons, but couldn’t do anything. This Falcon team looked like the one that a lot of people were expecting to see all season long. Unfortunately for the Falcons, their season is completely over at this point. I guess they are taking advantage of season wrecker for anyone else left on their schedule.

NY Jets 34 NY Giants 27

Our Picks: NY Giants (L) – NY Giants -2.5 (L) – Under 43.5 (L)

In the battle of New York, the Jets came out on top. This game has absolutely no effect on the NFL postseason, aside from draft ranking. The Jets got their second win of the season, pulling even with the Giants.

Tampa Bay 30 Arizona 27

Our Picks: Arizona (L) – Arizona +4 (W ) – Over 52 (W )

In this back and forth battle, the Bucs found a way to come out victorious. Both teams had chances to seal the victory, and I really thought that Kyler Murray would wind up victorious. Fortunately for me, the spread pick hit and salvaged yet another rough week in picks.

Indianapolis 12 Miami 16

Our Picks: Indianapolis (L) – Indianapolis -10 (L) – Under 44 (W )

Indy looked completely lost without Jacoby Brissett throwing the ball. In fact, I would say that this Colts team is one of the worst without a credible quarterback leading the charge for them. They let the hapless Dolphins come into their home stadium and steal a win from them. This definitely hurts the Colts playoff chances, as this game should have been an easy win.

Green Bay 24 Carolina 16

Our Picks: Carolina (L) – Carolina +5.5 (L) – Over 47 (L)

As much as it pains me to say this, the Packers legitimately might be the best team in the NFC. They clinch their 8th win of the season over the Panthers in a tough snowy game at Lambeau Field. Carolina had their chances in this game, and ultimately lost at the goal line with Christian McCaffery getting stuffed by the Packer defense.

Pittsburgh 17 LA Rams 12

Our Picks: LA Rams (L) – LA Rams -3.5 (L) – Over 44 (L)

Well, Pittsburgh now finds themselves in one of the 6 AFC playoff spots. Who could have seen this after their dreadful start which included a Ben Roethlisberger season-ending injury? However, the Steelers continued to fight and now find themselves playing meaningful football for the rest of the season. On the other hand, the Rams lose yet another game and their hopes of repeating as the NFC Champion are dwindling with each passing week.

Dallas 24 Minnesota 28

Our Picks: Dallas (L) – Dallas -3 (L) – Over 48 (W )

The Minnesota Vikings might have something to say about who is the best team in the NFC as well. They went on the road, to one of the toughest places to play, and came out with a prime time victory. This back and forth battle came down to the end of the game, and the Vikes held off Dak and company and escaped with a 4 point victory. The Vikings seem to be destined to make the playoffs, if not win the NFC North.

San Francisco 24 Seattle 27 (OT)

Our Picks: San Francisco (L) – Seattle +6 (W ) – Over 47 (W )

The was one heck of a game. Had the feel of an important playoff matchup. Both teams had a 10 point lead at some point in the game. San Francisco got the early jump and it looked like another win. Seattle turned the momentum in their favor and led 21-10 in the 2nd half. The 49ers battled back and forced overtime. Late in overtime the Seahawks were led by Russell Wilson to force a field goal and win the game as time expired in overtime. Great Monday night game. Not even upset that we lost the straight up pick.

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