Straight Up: 7-7 (84-50-1)

Against the Spread: 2-12 (67-68)

Points Totals: 10-4 (68-63-3)

Pick of the Week: Pittsburgh (+1) over Indianapolis

Failure of the Week: NY Jets (-3) over Miami

League Stats

Home Teams: 11-3 (12-2 ATS) – 68-66-1 (57-78)

Favorites: 8-6 (7-7 ATS) – 88-46-1 (62-73)

Over/Under: 10 OVER – 4 UNDER (64 O – 67 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Arizona 25 San Francisco 28

Our Picks: San Francisco (W ) – San Francisco -10.5 (L) – Over 43 (W )

The 49ers continue to roll, but Arizona made it interesting on Thursday Night Football. San Francisco controlled most of the game, but a late surge by the Cardinals allowed them to cover the spread. The late push by Arizona got the over to hit, but allowed for the backdoor cover which gave us our first loss ATS this week (of many more to come).

Jacksonville 3 Houston 26

Our Picks: Jacksonville (L) – Jacksonville +2 (L) – Under 46.5 (W )

This week’s London game was not much of a game. The Texans came out early and put up consistent points, and they never really let up. The Jags were only able to put 3 points on the board, so the game was in hand early on. I was predicting an upset here, but the Texans are putting the pieces together and continuing to find ways to win games.

Buffalo 24 Washington 9

Our Picks: Buffalo (W ) – Washington +9.5 (L) – Over 36.5 (L)

I knew that Buffalo was not going to blow the Redskins out, because they have not been able to do that to any opponent all season long. They scored a late touchdown to cover the spread, but Washington was in contention to cover all afternoon. Unfortunately for us, the pick broke the wrong way with the late TD and we took another loss in this game.

Kansas City 26 Minnesota 23

Our Picks: Minnesota (L) – Minnesota -2 (L) – Over 48.5 (W )

Despite the game not wrapping up like we predicted, this one was entertaining from start to finish. The two teams were back and forth all afternoon, and at one point I thought Minnesota was going to pull away. The Chiefs, with Matt Moore at quaterback, took care of one of the strongest teams out of the NFC. They should get Mahomes back next week, and the Chiefs will be even stronger rolling into the rest of the season.

Miami 26 NY Jets 18

Our Picks: NY Jets (L) – NY Jets -3 (L) – Over 42.5 (W )

The Dolphins finally got a win! Now I don’t know if that is a good thing or if it is a bad thing. Now, the Jets are behind the Dolphins in the standings and will be in line to get a better draft pick. The Bengals are now the only winless team in the league, but there is a four team race to the worst record in the league: Miami, New York, Washington, and Cincinnati.

Philadelphia 22 Chicago 14

Our Picks: Philadelphia (W ) – Chicago +4.5 (L) – Under 41.5 (W )

Chicago can’t do anything on offense once again. This has been the story for the Bears all season long. Their stellar defense is being completely wasted by the offense’s inability to do anything. It took a full 2 quarters of play before the Bears even took a snap in Philadelphia territory. Philly gets another win as they try to maintain pace with the Cowboys.

Pittsburgh 26 Indianapolis 24

Our Picks: Pittsburgh (W ) – Pittsburgh +1 (W ) – Under 41 (L)

This one might be my best pick of the week. Indianapolis has now had every single game in 2019 be decided by 1 score or less. This game saw the same play out, but it didn’t go in the favor of the Colts. I was banking on a strong performance by the Steelers and I got it. I’ll take the win here, as I didn’t get many all week long.

Carolina 30 Tennessee 20

Our Picks: Carolina (W ) – Tennessee +3.5 (L) – Over 42 (W )

Every time Tennessee would do something positive in this game it was countered by 2 positives from the Panthers. Carolina was in control for the entire game here, and the Titans had to play from behind right from the get go. My play here, was to hope for a close game and some sloppy play from both teams. Carolina was much sharper than the Titans and it resulted in a 10 point win.

Oakland 31 Detroit 24

Our Picks: Oakland (W ) – Oakland -2 (W) – Under 50.5 (L)

I hate betting against my own team, but I knew this one was going to be a let down game for the Lions. They had every chance in the world to win (or tie) this game, but they couldn’t capitalize. Stafford had an amazing performance once again, but the Lions defense couldn’t do anything against the Raiders offense. I’ll take the win from a pick standpoint, but as a fan I am once again disappointed in my Lions.

Seattle 40 Tampa Bay 34 (OT)

Our Picks: Tampa Bay (L) – Tampa Bay +5 (L) – Over 53 (W )

This was my close call of the week. Tampa Bay was primed to upset the Seahawks, and they almost pulled it off. However, Russell Wilson and crew did what they do and pulled it out in the end. In true shootout fashion, the Seahawks scored a touchdown in OT to ice the game. As I watched the overtime period, I was just hoping for a Seahawk field goal to keep it withing the 5 point spread, but the betting gods did not oblige as they handed me yet another loss here.

Denver 24 Cleveland 19

Our Picks: Cleveland (L) – Cleveland -4.5 (L) – Over 39 (W )

Cleveland is in rough shape and things don’t appear to be getting much better. Like many other bettors, we assumed that this would be Cleveland’s get-right game and they would take advantage of a hobbled Broncos team. That was not the case, as the Broncos took advantage of a dysfunctional Browns team en route to a 5 point win.

LA Chargers 26 Green Bay 11

Our Picks: Green Bay (L) – Green Bay -3.5 (L) – Under 49 (W )

What happened here? I did not expect the Chargers to do what they did to the Packers in this game. Aaron Rodgers and company found themselves completely outmatched by a struggling Chargers team. As a Lions fan I love watching Green Bay lose games, but this one also lost me money, so it’s a bittersweet feeling. I am chalking this one up as an anomaly, as the Packers are much better than this performance showed.

Baltimore 37 New England 20

Our Picks: New England (L) – New England -3.5 (L) – Over 44.5 (W )

The Ravens came to play on Sunday Night, as they lit up the Patriots in near-blowout fashion. Had it not been for some costly turnovers by the Ravens, the Pats wouldn’t have been as close as they were. I still think that the Patriots are one of the best teams in the league, but this will give New England doubters plenty of fuel moving toward the playoffs.

NY Giants 18 Dallas 37

Our Picks: Dallas (W ) – NY Giants +7.5 (L) – Under 48 (L)

The Giants hung tight in this game for the majority of it before falling apart in the fourth quarter which ultimately destroyed another set of picks for us. New York was primed to hang withing the 7.5 point spread for 3/4 of the game, but it wasn’t meant to be. It wrapped up a miserable week for us against the spread. The only solace we can take is that the straight up Dallas pick solidified a .500 week for us on the SU picks.

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