We had a really successful week when it came to straight up picks. We predicted the correct winner in 11 out of the 15 games played this weekend. When it came to playing against the spread, we got lit up. We took some hard losses and only hit on 4 of the 15 games. Ouch! Here is what happened….

Straight Up: 11-4 (77-43-1)

Against the Spread: 4-11 (65-56)

Points Totals: 7-8 (58-59-3)

Pick of the Week: Philadelphia Eagles (+2) over Buffalo Bills

Failure of the Week: Carolina Panthers (+6) over San Francisco 49ers

League Stats

Home Teams: 11-4 (6-9 ATS) – 57-63-1 (45-76)

Favorites: 13-2 (8-7 ATS) – 80-40-1 (55-66)

Over/Under: 6 OVER – 9 UNDER (54 O – 63 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Minnesota 19 Washington 9

Our Picks: Minnesota (W ) – Minnesota -16.5 (L) – Under 42 (W )

Well we fully expected Minnesota to win this game, and they did. It was a sloppy game overall and the Redskins were able to stick around for most of it. Minnesota was driving on the last series of the game, but elected to run the clock out rather than punch it in and get the cover. Minnesota more than likely could have covered, but luck did not favor our pick in this one.

Detroit 31 New York Giants 25

Our Picks: Detroit (W ) – Detroit -7 (L) – Under 49 (L)

Detroit closed out this game, but allowed the Giants to put in a late score that allowed them to complete the backdoor cover. The Lions were up by 13 points heading deep into the fourth quarter. We closed the straight up pick, but the late score killed our cover.

Atlanta Falcons 20 Seattle Seahawks 27

Our Picks: Seattle (W ) – Seattle -6.5 (W ) – Over 52.5 (L)

Seattle dominated most of this game, and the pick was never really in jeopardy. However, Atlanta made it close with an explosion of points in the second half. Of all the heartbreaks on our spread picks this week, this one broke our way and we got the cover by a half point.

Buffalo Bills 13 Philadelphia Eagles 31

Our Picks: Philadelphia (W ) – Philadelphia +2 (W ) – Under 43.5 (L)

The good version of the Philadelphia Eagles showed up for this matchup, which worked out perfectly for our picks. The Bills haven’t faced much adversity this season, and the Eagles provided plenty of that for this Bills in this game. The Eagles easily cruised to the upset and the cover.

Chicago Bears 16 Los Angeles Chargers 17

Our Picks: Chicago (L) – Chicago -4 (L) – Under 41 (W )

Chicago continues to find ways to struggle on offense. It is a shame that they have such an outstanding defense, yet they continue to lose close games. I really though that the Bears would not only find a way to win this game, but cover the 4 points against a struggling Chargers team. That turned out to not be the case as the Chargers pulled off the road upset and spoiled our picks.

Tennessee Titans 27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23

Our Picks: Tampa Bay (L) – Tampa Bay +2.5 (L) – Under 45.5 (L)

Tampa Bay continues to be a turnover machine, and it led to the Titans closing this one out for back to back wins. With the Titans being so hit or miss, I went against them in this one and it turned out to be the wrong call. I’ll take the loss as a learning opportunity and an easy failure on our end.

Indianapolis Colts 15 Denver Broncos 13

Our Picks: Indianapolis (W ) – Indianapolis -6.5 (L) – Under 43 (W )

Denver lost another close game. I should have predicted that the Broncos would be in it until the end, but I though that Indy was clicking enough to cover the touchdown spread. The one thing that continues to hold true, is that the Broncos will always play in Under games. They are the kings of hitting under.

New Orleans Saints 31 Arizona Cardinals 9

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – New Orleans -10.5 (W ) – Over 49 (L)

As I watched scores throughout the afternoon I thought for sure that the Cardinals were going to play spoiler to my picks along with so many other teams. Arizona played the Saints tight for awhile, but Drew Brees and company pulled away in the second half leading to one of our few wins against the spread this week.

Jacksonville Jaguars 29 New York Jets 15

Our Picks: Jacksonville (W ) – NY Jets +6 (L) – Under 41 (L)

New York was so close to covering this for us this week. They had several opportunities to make this a close game and give us the right picks. But it was not meant to be, as the Jags defense flexed on the struggling Jets and held them out of the endzone enough for the Jags to easily cover the 6 points and hand us another loss.

Los Angeles Rams 24 Cincinnati Bengals 10

Our Picks: LA Rams (W ) – Cincinnati +13.5 (L) – Under 48 (W )

Despite Cincinnati’s poor record they have been able to cover a lot of games. However, in this one they came up a half point short. All we needed was another field goal, but it was not meant to be. The Rams covered and we came up empty handed once again.

San Francisco 49ers 51 Carolina Panthers 13

Our Picks: Carolina (L) – Carolina +6 (L) – Under 42 (L)

In this game we weren’t even close. The Niners came to play and they blew the doors off of this game early. The Panthers did not have a chance and the spread was completely done early on. This one is my failure of the week and rightfully so. Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to pick 49er games.

New England Patriots 27 Cleveland Browns 13

Our Picks: New England (W ) – New England -13.5 (W ) – Under 45.5 (W )

New England continues to roll and the Browns continue to struggle. This game was an easy one to pick. It was closer than it could have been as the Pats jumped out early. We snuck by with a half point victory on this one.

Houston Texans 27 Oakland Raiders 24

Our Picks: Houston (W ) – Houston -7 (L) – Under 51.5 (W )

Oakland continues to surprise a lot of teams and they seem to be a much better team than a year ago. They were in this game the whole way and came up a field goal short. We correctly picked Houston in this one, but we came up 4 points shy of getting the cover.

Kansas City Chiefs 24 Green Bay Packers 31

Our Picks: Kansas City (L) – Kansas City +4 (L) – Under 48 (L)

As I watched this game I really thought that we had a shot at picking this upset straight up. Kansas City clawed their way back into it after falling behind early. As the game progressed I thought KC was going to pull it off. But Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things and the Packers came away with a touchdown win, which left us with yet another loss on the picks.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Miami Dolphins 14

Our Picks: Pittsburgh (W ) – Pittsburgh -14 (L) – Under 43 (W )

Pittsburgh started off really slow and actually led a lot of people to believe that the Dolphins had a chance of pulling off the full upset. But that was not meant to be and the Steelers came away victorious. However, despite the win, the Steelers capped of our rough week with a poetic 1 point loss on the spread. Our week was filled with tight losses and this capped it off for us.

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