In Week 7 we were able to get back on track with our Straight Up picks as well as our Against the Spread picks. We went 10-4 straight up and 9-5 against the spread. We had a really rough week picking the point totals, as we finished with a 4-10 record. Overall we easily remain in the positive return category with our Money Line picks as well as our Spread picks. The rough week on the totals puts us in the red for the first time in a category.

Straight up: 10-4 (66-39-1)

Against the Spread: 9-5 (61-45)

Points Totals: 4-10 (51-51-3)

Pick of the Week: New Orleans (+3) over Chicago

Failure of the Week: Philadelphia (+3) over Dallas

League Stats

Home Teams: 5-9 (5-9 ATS) – 46-59-1 (39-67)

Favorites: 11-3 (9-5 ATS) – 67-38-1 (47-59)

Over/Under: 7 OVER – 7 UNDER (48 O – 54 U – 4 P)

Weekly Game Breakdowns

Denver Broncos 6 Kansas City Chiefs 30

Our Picks: Kansas City Chiefs (W ) – Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 (W ) – Under 49 (W )

I was expecting the Chiefs to finally get their things together and put together a solid win. That’s exactly what we got on Thursday Night. However, the Patrick Mahomes injury was not something anyone anticipated. Thankfully, it looks like Mahomes has the best-case-scenario news coming from the doctors so he will be back on the field in a couple weeks.

Atlanta Falcons 10 Los Angeles Rams 37

Our Picks: LA Rams (W ) – LA Rams -3 (W ) – Over 55 (L)

Atlanta continues to disappoint, and that gave the Rams their opportunity to bounce back after losing several games in a row. I was planning on that happening, but I was also planning on their being more points on the board. We picked the outcome correctly, but fell shy on the over by 8 points.

Buffalo Bills 31 Miami Dolphins 21

Our Picks: Buffalo (W ) – Miami +17 (W ) – Under 41 (L)

Buffalo may be a good team, but they are going to win with their defense, and they’re not going to blow anyone out. That is why I picked the Bills to win, but the Dolphins to cover. Miami actually led for awhile in this game, which resulted in a handful of bettors to jump on the Dolphins Money Line during live play. Miami ended up going full-Miami and could not complete the upset victory. We ended up losing on the point total as there were a lot of late points scored on both sides to foil our under pick.

Cincinnati Bengals 17 Jacksonville Jaguars 27

Our Picks: Jacksonville (W ) – Jacksonville -4 (W ) – Under 43.5 (L)

Jacksonville ground out a solid victory against the lowly Bengals. It wasn’t pretty, but Jacksonville had the better team. I felt pretty comfortable with the 4 point spread with this game as I just don’t trust the Bengals at all. I really anticipated a low scoring game, but this was another one that surprised me with the over.

Detroit Lions 30 Minnesota Vikings 42

Our Picks: Detroit (L) – Detroit +2 (L) – Under 44 (L)

We definitely swung and missed with this game. It was a close game throughout, but the Minnesota offense was much better than the Detroit defense on this Sunday. As Minnesota starts putting the pieces together in 2019 I am starting to feel like this Viking team may be the team to beat in the NFC North rather than the 6-1 Packers.

Green Bay Packers 42 Oakland Raiders 24

Our Picks: Green Bay (W ) – Green Bay -5.5 (W ) – Over 47 (W )

Aaron Rodgers looked unstoppable against this Raiders team. He lead the Packers to an easy victory, and the cover was never really in jeopardy. This was one of the few games this week where we went 3/3 on the picks. The Packers improve to 6-1, but will need to keep firing on all cylinders, as their divisional rival, Vikings, are starting to inch closer and may threaten the Packer’s lead in the division soon.

Indianapolis Colts 30 Houston Texans 23

Our Picks: Houston (L) – Houston +1 (L) – Under 47 (L)

Indy continues to surprise people in 2019 and they surprised us again. The Colts seem to have not lost a step at all despite losing their franchise quarterback. Indianapolis continues to show people that they are a real contender in the AFC. My only surprise here, was the final score. After the Colts completely shut down the Chiefs a couple weeks ago I figured their blueprint for the year would be to win low scoring battles and lean on their defense and run game.

New York Giants 21 Arizona Cardinals 27

Our Picks: Arizona (W ) – Arizona +3 (W ) – Under 50.5 (W )

Arizona seems to be finding a rhythm as they found a way to win their 3rd game of the season against the Giants. New York continues to struggle after the stellar start by Daniel Jones. Jones is going through the typical rookie slump that many new quarterbacks face. After seeing the win from the Cardinals last week over the Falcons I had enough faith in them to get another W here and it played out well for us.

Washington Redskins 0 San Francisco 49ers 9

Our Picks: San Francisco (W ) – San Francisco -10 (L) – Over 41 (L)

I think most people expected the 49ers to win this game, and that turned out to be true. What I didn’t plan for was the awful weather that turned this game into an extremely low scoring affair. Nobody found the endzone as the niners came away with 3 field goals to win the game. We fell 1 point shy of covering the spread and our Lock of the Week curse continues.

Tennessee Titans 23 Los Angeles Chargers 20

Our Picks: Tennessee (W ) – Tennessee -2 (W ) – Under 40.5 (L)

Los Angeles had several chances to win this game late in the 4th quarter. The referees deemed that they didn’t get into the endzone on any of their attempts even though they were extremely close. Luckily for us, we picked the Titans, so that worked out in our favor. The Titans held on at home to win by 3 and cover the 2 point spread.

Chicago Bears 25 New Orleans Saints 36

Our Picks: New Orleans (W ) – New Orleans +3 (W ) – Under 38 (L)

The Saints were in control of this game pretty much the entire time. Chicago couldn’t really get anything going on offense like we expected, and the Saints are just a better overall team. New Orleans got the win and covered for us fairly easily. There were far more points scored that we anticipated however as another one of our point total took an L.

Seattle Seahawks 16 Baltimore Ravens 30

This game was a lot closer than the final score indicated. The Ravens and Seahawks were locked in a close one for the majority of the game. Baltimore pulled away late and secured a 2 touchdown victory on the road. Typically Seattle doesn’t lose by this much, but anything can happen in the NFL. We went 0-3 on this game.

Our Picks: Seattle (L) – Seattle -3 (L) – Over 49 (L)

Dallas Cowboys 37 Philadelphia Eagles 10

Our Picks: Philadelphia (L) – Philadelphia +3 (L) – Over 49 (L)

Dallas won this game easily as the Eagles looked outmatched from the very beginning of the game. I truly expected Philly to come out firing on all cylinders and surprise the reeling Cowboys at home. I was sorely mistaken, as the Cowboys looked like the team we saw in the first 3 weeks of the season and not the losers of 3 straight games.

New York Jets 0 New England Patriots 33

Our Picks: New England (W ) – New England -10 (W ) – Under 43.5 (W )

New England came out hot and never took their foot off the pedal. The Patriot defense completely dominated the Jets offense and Sam Darnold had a career bad night with a slew of turnovers. The Patriots won easily, covered easily, and the under was in tact all night as the Jets had no chance of scoring the entire game.

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