Welcome to Spread Hacker! This Blog and Website is dedicated to providing you with information to help you succeed in the world of NFL gambling. The United States’ stance on sports wagering is drastically changing and it is becoming more mainstream ever day. We will be focusing on using historical data, trended data, and current streaks to predict this years slate of games. We don’t claim to be handicappers, we are just extremely interested in the data science behind spreads, money lines, and gambling in general.

We have compiled historical data from the past 10 years of NFL Games and would like to share this information with you to help you make informed and educated decisions when betting money on this year’s slate of games. I intend on offering these statistics to you free of charge! I am not here to make money off of you, so hopefully we can make some picks and put a little money in our pockets together.

Look out for future updates and analysis as the NFL season gets closer, and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with all things from Spread Hacker!


    1. We are planning on posting our Sunday Afternoon and Sunday Evening game picks on Friday’s. We are wrapping up our content for the week right now and will have them posted shortly. Thanks for the follow and support!


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